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Why us?

Increased Health

HVAC Air filters refresh the air in your house every half hour and when they are changed regularly (every 3 months), they keep more germs at bay. You and your family breathe better and stay healthier throughout the year.

More Savings

Save money by shopping with us. 865 filters cost less than in stores. You also save the time and money not having to go out to get them.

Better HVAC System

Changing your filter regularly and using quality air filters help your HVAC system run longer. Having clean filters means fewer maintenance issues, which in turn leads to fewer repair bills and more savings.

About Air Filtration

All of the air in your house passes through a filter twice every hour. Since clean HVAC air filters keep the air in your home fresh, the people inside stay healthier. A quality filter captures the harmful bacteria typically found in sneezes, coughs, viruses and molds, as well as pollutants like dust and car fumes.

Clean filters also keep your HVAC system healthy. Air Filters enable your HVAC to run more efficiently, reduce repair costs, and can help cut down your energy bills. Roughly 50% of your energy costs are from heating and cooling, and having clean HVAC air filters is the single most effective way to improve HVAC efficiency. Dirty and clogged filters make the HVAC work harder to circulate the air in your home, which raises your energy bill. If you aren’t using a filter at all, eventually the coils will clog which is even worse for your HVAC system.